What to Post on Social Media

There’s this horrible thing that happened with social media. There was once a time when we used MySpace and Facebook constantly. And the majority of people who used it were young and adolescent. There was no method in posting and likes barely mattered. People posted just to post. Thoughts, non scripted videos, song suggestions, funny quotes, things of interests. No one particularly posted for others to see. Then the majority moved on to Twitter. And those random “what’s on my mind” tweets turned into trying so hard to be “relatable”. Retweets and favorites became addicting. Then on to Instagram where I feel like everyone basically understood that the whole point of posting was to get a lot of likes. It’s openly talked about how this is definitely not the point of posting. But very little changes with posting habits. I wish people would go back to care free sharing.

I also struggle with the fact that I feel obligated to follow people just because I know them from middle school or high school or even college. I should be able to only follow the accounts that post things which genuinely interest me. Which I know in reality I am capable of doing this, I still feel like I am personally attacking these people who did nothing wrong to be by unfollowing them.

It’s so interesting how much human psychology goes into the inner workings of social media. I’d love to dive more into this topic and research it by picking the minds of those that study social media and human interaction.

Do you think about this topic? What are your thoughts or opinions?

A Short Journal About Awesome People

Certain kinds of people attract me. It’s actually not that hard. I meet someone and by the time I’m saying goodbye I already know whether or not I’m a fan. I feel like lately I’ve been meeting all kinds of great new people, but I think it’s because of the circles I’m spending time with. Most awesome people hangout with other awesome people, meaning I’m choosing to hangout with cool peoples so in turn I’m meeting all the cool peoples they hangout with.

I definitely don’t have a “type” of person I hangout with. My friends and I don’t have the same occupation, beliefs, hobbies, or even interests really. We all pretty much live our own lives and regularly check in with one another to cheer each other on & let loose. But that’s the thing. The people I check up with are checking up with me. The people I’m cheering on are working hard and moving towards their goals. I like the kind of people who are passionate about themselves and genuinely care about the people in their lives.

The direction this journal has taken me is reminding me about something else I’ve previously published. I wrote a piece once for Her Millennial Mindset talking about how to identify toxic relationships and cutting them out of your life. Thinking back on it I feel like it was very negative and focused on the wrong things. I don’t think my heart was in it, or maybe it was but just not in the right way. I also tried to make it very formal which was dumb. Eventually, I’d like to rewrite that. Something that focuses on identifying the amazing relationships you have being grateful for them. Expect to see something like that soon!

Did this post inspire any opinions or ideas for you? Let me know in the comments!

I Played the Blame Game – Guest Post

Many years ago I blamed my parents’ for not paving the path for me to do great things.  Or the mere fact I had to work harder than the next person to live a comfortable life because the foundation for success was unspoken of in my home.  Blaming others for where we are in life does not change our current position. We are where we are, until we make a choice to be in a better place.  Undoubtedly, I needed someone to take the blame to justify what I considered to be my failure.  My maladaptive behaviors were a result of my cognitive distortions which had me believing, I am less than. I was hurting while I tried to figure out life, as I desperately wanted to know how could I possibly make it out of high school as a teen mom, or go to college, etc.? A long time ago, I decided not to let my past define who I am.  Although my past plays a significant role in my life, I am not my past. I decided to make a choice in my life to accept where I am and accept what is. Once I recognized the “what is” of my life, I grew mentally and emotionally.  I learned the power of self-love and created my own path to success.

Today is a great day to accept the “what is.”  What keeps you from accepting your “what is?”  Stay encouraged!

Trenye B.

Trenye Black is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. Trenye holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Ashford University and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. She is presently pursuing her Ph.D. in General Psychology from Walden University. Her passion lies in the development of children, families, and the reintegration of positive and healthy lifestyles for families. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. and Divine Nine Alliance. Her husband serves as a Chief in the U.S. Navy and together they have five daughters and a pit bull.




Happy Fall, Millennials

So here we are, in fall already. The last three months of the year have always been my favorite. Living in NYC has allowed me to grow up knowing all the different seasons in their prime. Fall here is exactly how you read about it in the books. The leaves change color to beautiful hues of orange, red, and yellows. Then they fall to the ground, dry up, and get raked into piles for kids and dogs to jump into and play. The air loses it’s uncomfortable humidity and instead becomes crisp & chilly. Pumpkins decorate windows and doorsteps, while girls break out their Uggs and flannels. Cuffing pre-season begins and men start to wear grey sweat pants, my-oh-my what a time to be alive.
Every October life seems to catch up with me. All my past projects that I’ve neglected for months are rattling around in my head. All the “adulting” responsibilities start to somehow pile higher then the fallen leaves. It all gets to be so much that I give into the pressure and tackle it all at once. It’s an incredible thing actually. I clean out my old crap and I set the foundation for new priorities and goals.
For this year I want to keep that momentum. Here we are in the beginning of October and I’m crossing things off my to-do list left and right. Three months out of the year consistently tracking my goals is not going to help me achieve my bigger life goals. So this time around I’m going to be mindful to stay of top of the projects I start, to add to the list as I cross things off, to bring this energy with me into and throughout 2019.

How about you? Is there a certain time of year that makes you feel this way? When? Drop me a comment & lets chat about it!